Blamoville is a sorry-less land filled with creatures that share a common love for outrageous adventure, be it a solo train ride through the mountains, a good meal with a friend, or a party on a pirate ship. Swashbuckling, bouncing, flying or crying…whatever adventure awaits, be sure that it is one to remember! In Blamoville there are no sorrys, so put your sorrys in a sack and come out to play.

Our goal here at Blamo is to create objects that are the antithesis of our disposable culture. The idea for Blamo was birthed by Spencer Hansen and Shayne Maratea in rural Idaho over a decade ago, but with a continuous flow of influence from photography, painting, movement, street culture, the music industry and world travel, we’ve established ourselves as an ever-evolving innovative and imaginative object art and clothing company.

Our creatures are alive in our minds, quirky yet substantial, composed of natural materials like leather, wood, and brass. Each inhabitant of Blamoville has his or her own unique personality and backstory, and we spend many hours getting all the details right. We hope that you will find as much enjoyment having them in your home as we had creating them!

Spencer’s mother made him a bunny onesie in High School, and he had such a great time wearing it to parties that he decided to create his own collection of handmade animal suits. We add new creatures every year and really think they are a fun way to engage your playful side/animal nature. We’ve been able to maintain detail and quality by self-producing and distributing all our goods and staying true to the concepts the company was founded on.