Rice Baby Keychain


Baby Babes is capable of time and space travel. With an unknown past, Babes recently emerged as a television star, DJ, model and Spiritual Guide. Widely recognized as the keeper of secrets, Babes knows more than we will ever know (s)he knows.

To create Babes, I first drew him and then sculpted him out of clay. Then I gave my flying monkey clay version to Andu, who carved a miniature version out of wax. We then take the wax sculpture to an outside facility to have it cast in silver. Ardi, the silversmith at our workshop, takes it from there, cleaning up the casting and fastening the loop on his tail to one of our awesome handmade spring clips.


Designed by Spencer Hansen, this solid brass Flying Monkey pendant measures 3 cm x 2.5 cm and hangs from a handmade custom 5 cm brass spring clip.

Please note that because all Blamo keychains are handmade, despite our efforts to create the perfect art figure, each one is unique and may contain minor imperfections… or as we like to call it, character.


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Rice Baby Keychain


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