Baby Panda Suit


Panda suits for the babes! These baby panda bear rompers are unisex and super comfy and stretchy. Good for zen times and panda power.


We pride ourselves on making the most detailed, unique animal one-piece rompers out there. First off, we use ribbed 100% cotton knit, which we fabricate using seven gate hand drawn weaving machines, a very time intensive process, but worth it for the stretchy comfy woven cotton result. Then we cut black hat foam (spon popi) and stuff them into the ears to give them form and hand sew them onto the hoody. To add that finishing touch, we sew little buttonholed pockets on each side. End result: durable and super cute.

Although comfy, these suits are not sleep wear and are meant as a costume to be worn under the supervision of adults only.

Washable on cold. Hang dry.


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Baby Panda Suit

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