Big Hug


Our favorite little buddy, HUG, is now available in super squishy and lovable sheep fur. Hug plush is actually the kinder, sweeter iteration of another character I had created, Slap. Hug came into Blamoville with arms wide open…..waiting for that special someone, or anyone really, to HUG!!

I based Hug plush off a drawing I made and then created a fabric pattern for my leatherworker to follow. I also sculptedĀ the tongue zipper pull with clay, which I gave to Nyoman to carve a wax version, which he then cast in brass.


Sheep Fur Hug has taxidermy eyes, leather hands and feet, a brass cast tongue zipper pull and a leather lined pouch mouth for keeping secrets safe. His leather feet are stuffed with beads to add weight and make it easy for him to stand upright and the rest of him is stuffed with dacron to make him cuddly.

Hug measures 8″ tall and 14″ wide.



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Big Hug


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