Monkey Hoody


It’s a jungle out there, so go wild in our sock monkey sweater! Our button up cardigan is packed with unique details, like thumb holes, two side pockets, and a Blamo heart patch on a shoulder pocket sized perfectly for holding your wallet.


We pride ourselves on making the most detailed, unique animal suits out there for creatures big and small. First off, we use 100% cotton knit, which we fabricate using a hand drawn flat knitting machine, a very time intensive process (takes a day just to make the panels), but worth it for the stretchy comfy woven cotton result. We join the panels with a joining machine, not a sewing machine. Then we stuff our knit ears with high quality foam to give them shape and hand sew them onto the hoody.

$156.00 $125.00

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Monkey Hoody

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$156.00 $125.00
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