SLAP is the cheeky younger brother of HUG, and you never know if he’s going to give you a pat on the back or a smack on the butt. Eager to prank the prideful and lift up the downtrodden, he’s a true friend to all he meets. Get slap happy.

Our little slap buddy is hand carved from teak wood. SLAP features brass eyes.

To create the teak wood version of Slap, I first drew him and then worked with our master carver Kadek to get the dimensions the way I liked them. Then he was ready for Nyoman to inlay his brass eyes.


Slap measures 2″ tall and 2 1/2 ” wide and comes in his own handmade Slap Box.

Please note that all Blamo toys are handmade and despite our efforts to create the perfect art figure, each toy is unique and may contain minor imperfections… or as we like to call it, character.


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