Slap Brass Necklace


SLAP is the cheeky younger brother of HUG, and you never know if he’s going to give you a pat on the back or a smack on the butt. Eager to prank the prideful and lift up the downtrodden, he’s a true friend to all he meets.

To create the Slap brass necklace, I first drew him and then sculpted him out of clay. I gave my clay version to Andu, who carved a miniature version out of wax, then took it to a local casting facility that uses our wax carving to create a casting in brass. Ardi, the silversmith at my workshop, takes it from there, cleaning up the casting and fastening the loop on his back to the brass chain.



Designed by Spencer Hansen, this solid brass Slap pendant measures 3 cm x 2.5 cm x 1 cm and hangs on a 70 cm solid brass chain.


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Slap Brass Necklace


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